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Homeopathic remedies for Catarrh

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Homeopathic remedies for Catarrh

The following chart is a guide to selecting the correct remedy. Choose the remedy which most closely fits the present symptoms and compare your remedy choice with the description that accompanies the remedy listed in the shop.

Shop by Health ConcernCondition and SymptomsRemedy
CatarrhLong term catarrh which is yellowish-green in colour. Worse from damp weather.Calc fluor
 Colds with watering eyes and streaming nose. Burning discharge.Euphrasia
 Thick yellow offensive discharge that smell like old cheese. Worse in cold, dry wind.Hepar sulph
 Stuffed up sensation at the root of the nose. Thick, stringy discharge.Kali bich
 Thick yellow catarrh that is crusty in the morning on waking.Kali carb
 Thick yellow, green bland discharge. Profuse during the day and blocked up at night. Loss of smell.Pulsatilla
 Dry hard crusts form. Bleeding when loosened. Loss of smell and taste.Silica

If a condition is persistent, or could be serious, please consult your Doctor immediately. It is always best to avoid taking homeopathic medicines during pregnancy unless you have consulted a qualified homeopath.