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Cold Sores

Homeopathic remedies for Cold Sores

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Homeopathic remedies for Cold Sores

The following chart is a guide to selecting the correct remedy. Choose the remedy which most closely fits the present symptoms and compare your remedy choice with the description that accompanies the remedy listed in the shop.

Shop by Health ConcernCondition and SymptomsRemedy
Cold SoresBurning pain with cold sore which are relieved by warm application. Patient is anxious.Arsen alb
 Painful cold sore which is worse by cold air or touching anything cold. Irritable patient.Hepar sulph
 One of the main remedy for cold sores. Tingling or burning or numbness. Depressed, sensitive patients but tries not to show it. Desire for salty food.Nat mur
 Eruptions are tingling, itching and cracked or blistered.Rhus tox
 Often female patient who suffers around the time of their period. Lower back pain is typical symptom. Sad, irritable and wants to be left alone.Sepia

If a condition is persistent, or could be serious, please consult your Doctor immediately. It is always best to avoid taking homeopathic medicines during pregnancy unless you have consulted a qualified homeopath.