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Homeopathic remedies for Colds

Homeopathic remedies for Colds

The following chart is a guide to selecting the correct remedy. Choose the remedy which most closely fits the present symptoms and compare your remedy choice with the description that accompanies the remedy listed in the shop.

Shop by Health ConcernCondition and SymptomsRemedy
ColdsSudden onset after exposure to cold, dry wind or after a shock. Sore throat, fever, headache.Aconite
 Cold with sneezing better by fresh air and worse in a warm room. Watering of eyes are bland but burning nasal discharge.Allium cepa
 Burning discharge from eyes and nose. Restless, anxious and very chilly patient. Worse by cold and better by warmth.Arsen alb
 High temperature/fever. Flushed face, hot red skin. Little thirst.Belladona
 Cold with shooting and aching in forehead. Worse by any movement. Mouth and skin dry, cracked lips with excessive thirst.Bryonia
 Eyes are streaming with a burning discharge whereas nasal discharge is bland. Red cheeks and swollen eyelids. Better in open air and worse indoors.Euphrasia
 Slow onset with inflammation of the throat. Frequent colds with tendency to nosebleeds.Ferr phos
 Exhausted and shivery. Throbbing headache. Eyes feel heavy. Lack of thirst.Gelsemium
 Later stage of cold with thick, yellowish-green and offensive nasal discharge which smell like old cheese. Extreme sensitivity to cold in any form. Hepar sulph
 Violent sneezing. Ropy, stringy or sticky discharge. Good for snuffles in children especially fat chubby babies. Symptoms better for heat.Kali bich
 Profuse burning discharge from eyes and nose. The discharge likely to be blood-streaked. Offensive breath. Patient is sensitive to both heat and cold.Merc sol
 Sneezing. Streaming eyes and nose (bland). Discharge clear like egg white. Better by fresh air.Nat mur
 Stuffy colds after exposure to dry cold conditions. Stuffed up in fresh air and at night and have streaming nose indoors. Nux vom
 Cold from the change of weather. Outgoing, expressive people who require reassurance and easily reassured.Phosphorus
 Cold with one nostril blocked. Loss of smell but the breath is offensive. Yellow-green mucus. Patient is weepy and craves sympathy and attention.Pulsatilla

If a condition is persistent, or could be serious, please consult your Doctor immediately. It is always best to avoid taking homeopathic medicines during pregnancy unless you have consulted a qualified homeopath.