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Homeopathic remedies for Nausea

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Homeopathic remedies for Nausea

The following chart is a guide to selecting the correct remedy. Choose the remedy which most closely fits the present symptoms and compare your remedy choice with the description that accompanies the remedy listed in the shop.

Shop by Health ConcernCondition and SymptomsRemedy
NauseaNausea with burning pains in abdomen and heartburn. Caused by food poisoning or anxiety.Arsen alb
 Nausea and faintness on rising with dry mouth and white or brown coated tongue. Bilious vomiting after eating or from warm drinks.Bryonia
 Nausea in the morning. Aversion to milk, meat and fat things. Feels faint gone feeling in stomach, not relieved by eating. Needs fresh air and fanning.Carbo veg
 Dizziness with nausea. Worse by travelling or any movement.Cocculus
 Constant nausea not relieved by vomiting. Symptoms worse when travelling.Ipecac
 Useful remedy for nausea and vomiting after drinking alcohol.Kali bich
 Nausea when nervous. Better by nibbling small amount of food.Kali phos
 Nausea after over eating, over drinking or stress. Wants to vomit but can not vomit.Nux vom
 Vomiting as soon as the food or drink is warmed by the stomach. Nausea after an anaesthetic. Post operative vomiting.Phosphorus
 Vomiting after rich, fatty foods. Better by fresh air.Pulsatilla

If a condition is persistent, or could be serious, please consult your Doctor immediately. It is always best to avoid taking homeopathic medicines during pregnancy unless you have consulted a qualified homeopath.