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Homeopathic remedies for Shingles

Homeopathic remedies for Shingles

The following chart is a guide to selecting the correct remedy. Choose the remedy which most closely fits the present symptoms and compare your remedy choice with the description that accompanies the remedy listed in the shop.

Shop by Health ConcernCondition and SymptomsRemedy
ShinglesSpots have rosy hue with burning, stinging and swollen. Worse at night because of heat of the bed.Apis mel
 Burning pain. Shingles are burning, itching and swollen so that spots flow in to one another. Very Anxious and restless patient.Arsen alb
 Shooting pains. Better by lying on the affected side.Colocynthis
 Shingles with lightening like pain along the nerves.Kali phos
 Where the scalp is affected. Intense itching. Fluid filled blisters burst releasing a highly irritating serum which makes the skin red and swollen.Rhus tox

If a condition is persistent, or could be serious, please consult your Doctor immediately. It is always best to avoid taking homeopathic medicines during pregnancy unless you have consulted a qualified homeopath.