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You may love the idea of Bach flower essences, but finding the right combination can sometimes prove a little troublesome.

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That’s not the case with Balancing Blooms. Balancing Blooms makes it easy for you by blending essences together before adding a descriptive, easily understandable name so there is no need to buy up to nine bottles of single concentrate essences to mix and dilute. Balancing Blooms saves you time and money with convenient, ready to use bottle for your purse of pocket. Just take it out and drop four drops from the pipette onto your tongue whenever you feel the need.

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Bach flower essences were discovered in England in the 1930s by Edward Bach. They have been growing in popularity ever since, and are now used around the world.

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The flower essences in Balancing Blooms are prepared to the original instructions that were written by Edward Bach and his helpers. Wild flowers are hand-picked in the English and Welsh countryside (except Olive and Vine which comes from southern Europe). Balancing Blooms only picks a small portion from any plant or colony to ensure it continues to reproduce year after year. And they only make the essence if the weather, flowers and natural environment correspond to Bach’s directions, with half of the essence made by the boiling method, and half prepared by the sun method (delicate flower petals are soaked in small glass bowls of spring water for several hours under a hot sun).

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Edward Bach believed that his essences captured the positive mood of each flower, as he himself perceived it to be. He found that they helped him to counter-balance his negative moods – hence our name, Balancing Blooms.

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