How to take your homeopathic remedies

When to take your homeopathic remedy

Take your remedy at least twenty minutes away from anything strongly flavoured: food, drink (except water), smoking, toothpaste and any other medication.

Allow one to two minutes between each homeopathic remedy.


Why take them this way?

The effects of homeopathic remedies are thought to be enhanced by absorption through the lining of the mouth and any strong flavours may interfere with this absorption.

 When to take your Homeopathic remedy 

Taking your remedy

Contact with the hands should be kept to a minimum as the pills are coated with the homeopathic remedy.

Oral drops should be held in the mouth for ten seconds before swallowing.

Drops can be put directly onto the tongue, under the tongue, onto a clean spoon and sucked or placed in a small amount of water.

Oral liquids should be held in the mouth for ten seconds before swallowing.

Pills should be tipped into the bottle lid or onto a clean spoon and transferred to the mouth. Hold in the mouth for at least ten seconds and then suck or chew. Do not swallow with water.

Pill dispensers may be purchased from the pharmacy, which make it easier to obtain the required amount of pills with minimum contact.


How to use the tubes

How to use the homeopathic tubes

Turn the tube upside-down so that the clear cap is at the bottom.

Twist the clear cap until the required number of pills drop into it.

Gently ease the clear cap away from the tube, tip the pills onto a clean spoon or cup and then place in your mouth as directed.

Replace the cap.


Remedies for babies and young children

Pills or tablets can be crushed between two clean spoons and put straight onto the tongue.

Oral drops or liquid can be given on a spoon or placed in a small amount of water before swallowing.


Storage of remedies

Remedies should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and strong smelling substances such as camphor, menthol, soaps, eucalyptus and perfumes.

Remedies should be stored away from electronic gadgetry, mobile phones and other radiation emitting equipment if possible.

Please keep all medicines out of the sight and reach of children.


How long should you take your remedy for?

This varies for each individual; however, you should hope to see a steady improvement of your symptoms. If your symptoms disappear completely stop taking your homeopathic remedy or follow your doctor’s instructions.


Possible reactions to your remedy

Homeopathy is a very safe and gentle method of healing. The remedies work in a different way to the medicines that you receive from your GP.

Occasionally homeopathic treatment causes a flare up when you start it. This is called an ‘aggravation’ and is usually a good sign; most people who get aggravations go on to get a big improvement.

If you think you might have an aggravation stop the medicine until the flare up settles. If they do not, please contact your homeopathic pharmacy.

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